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    Professor Vassil Girginov

    Brunel University London

    President of the European Association for Sport Management 

    What is Sustainable Sport?



    Sustainability has become a dominating theme in the policies and strategies of major international and national sport organisations. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are now widely accepted as the norm guiding government, business, universities and sport organisations’ policies and actions. Yet, a great deal of uncertainty exists about the idea of sustainable sport and even the sustainability strategies of the most influential governing bodies such as the International Olympic Committee and World Athletics do not address comprehensively the concept.

    The practice of sport actively interacts with the natural environment and generates significant social, economic and environmental impacts. Sport organisations, therefore, have a responsibility to conduct their business in a sustainable manner by putting in place sound governance and management principles and practices.

    This interactive presentation will address three interrelated questions:

    1. What is sustainable sport?
    2. What is this in sport we want to sustain and develop?
    3. What competencies and skills do we need to deal with the challenges of sustainable sport?
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    Ing. Ján Letko

    IT Director

    Slovak Football Association

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    Ing. Jaroslav Šišolák

    License rights manager

    Slovak Football Association

    Club development

    • Digital services for clubs
    • Digital services for registered and unregistered SFA members.
    • Scheduling and communication tools for secure real-time communication.
    • Continuous education at all levels.
    • Recruitment and mentoring of sports experts.